A brief history of Jin Shin Jyutsu! Jin Shin Jyutsu, “The art of the creator though the person of compassion”. A man named Jiro Murai is responsible for taking a nearly lost spoken tradition of energy medicine/thought that has been around for thousands of years and developed that knowledge into an all-encompassing art form. Today this ancient knowledge is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu! Jiro Murai was born in 1886 in Taiseimura, Japan and as Japanese tradition stimulates, the first born follows into the footsteps of his father’s occupation. In this case, his brother being the first born, had to become a medical doctor, and this afforded Jiro the freedom to choose whatever path he wanted. He took advantage of this and experienced life in various ways like entering eating contests (for ingesting the most food) for prizes/cash. When Jiro was 26, he became gravely ill and even with the attention and help from the best medicine resources that were available at the time, he was considered termin